SHE-Y’s Body Cream is a super-boost of hydration in a velvety-texture cream that enhances the appearance of the skin in a lasting way. It has an intense, invigorating action, suitable as a moisturizer for every skin type and particularly effective on very dry skin. Its deep nourishing action ensures 24-hours lustrous skin. The power of Shea butter (18%), together with the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid, the concentration of Vitamin E and the anti-age properties of Dermocea (exclusive red algae mixture), generates a super-boost effect, a long-lasting source of hydration and nourishment.


SHE-Y Body Scrub uses granules of walnut husk to promote cell renewal and keep the skin soft and smooth. The granules of walnut husk, the powerful action of hyaluronic acid, the concentration of Dermocea’s algae, optimized by Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties, achieve superior results, also preparing the skin for SHE-Y Body Cream’s nourishing and invigorating power.


The SHE-Y Body Oils are made with Shea Oil imported directly from Ghana as their main ingredient and other precious natural oils, available in four different fragrances: